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Why Sociocracy 3.0?

We live in a complex world
We need social technologies that can help us deal with the challenges of our times.
There's enormous co-creative potential in collaboration
We need effective decision-making, and engaging and productive interactions.
"One-size-fits-all" solutions don't exist
We need flexible practices and structures, and an iterative approach to change.
Scum, Kanban, Lean and other agile practices have taught us a great deal about how to bring agility to our operations, but how about the whole organization? Sociocracy 3.0 offers all the missing pieces to scale agility: 
  • Agile governance: create and evolve agreements iterative and incrementally
  • Clarify areas of responsibility and account for cross-teams dependencies
  • Harness multiple perspectives to better identify and respond to organizational needs
  • Structure the organization to enable flow of information and influence
At the end of the day, do all of your efforts bring you closer to achieving your objectives? Identify and eliminate waste at all levels, such as:
  • Improve meeting effectiveness by up to 1000%!
  • Clarify the why for everything you decide and do, and build in success criteria
  • Bring decision making as close to where value is created
  • Free people up to decide and act for themselves, within defined enabling constraints
How to harness the creative potential of talented people, and spark their passion to create value? Sociocracy 3.0 offers practical tools that:
  • Involve people in making decisions that affect them, in an effective way
  • Tap collective intelligence to make and evolve effective decisions
  • Elicit constructive feedback and life-long learning

The Team

Dedicated and experienced change-makers working together to multiply the Sociocracy 3.0 effect around the globe!
Josje van de Kerkhof
Florian Rustler
Adrian Perreau de Pinninck
Hugo Lopes
Mira Bangel
Lili David
James Priest
Jef Cumps
Dieter Dehaes
Erik Soonieus


How can Sociocracy 3.0 help you?
See what others have to say.
Pascal Mesdach

Pascal Mesdach

Agile Coach
Yesterday I facilitated a full-day seminar for the Business Partners HR. Great to see that Sociocracy 3.0 patterns work well in a self-organizing team that embraces the S3 principles. Check-In, Consent, Proposal Forming, Governance Meeting, Role Selection, Retrospective, Meeting Evaluation... were all part of the mix. Thank you for the training and all the free resources! This stuff really works!
Karen Segers

Karen Segers

Trainer & Coach
I am grateful to see how my organization and team are after 6 months of Sociocracy 3.0. More connection, more open communication towards each other, more efficient meetings, good financial results, and people are happier.
Nora Wilhelm

Nora Wilhelm

Co-Founder & Catalyst (CEO)
Collaboratio Helvetica
We started practicing Sociocracy 3.0 since the very early days of Collaboratio Helvetica, and it did not only contribute to more efficient collaboration but also invited all of us to look deeper and to understand ourselves better. I believe this is where the power of S3 lies. Artful participation, Consent Decision Making, thinking about drivers and navigating via tension all take away some of the protection layers or fog “traditional” organizational structures feature around our real intentions and inner condition. In order to collaborate effectively, we have to become more connected and understand where we are coming from, why something might be triggering. I am deeply thankful to James and Lili for the inspiration and their great contribution to this learning field!

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